Over 28 years in the business and always looking to innovate new and fresh ideas to enhance our events.  We use high quality, name brand equipment to ensure the best results and superior sound.  Expect for us to always walk the venue with you, even if we know the venue well as you have your own, unique style and vision of how you will present your event.

We never consume alcohol at any event and dress attire is ALWAYS appropriate and clean, after all, we are representing you and your guests!

Bilingual in Spanish and Full service, allowing us the opportunity to serve you better and making easy for you to find your needed and wanted services.

Remember, The Best Price Is Not Always The Best Deal!

See you at the party!

Our Story

I started over 28 years ago just playing around with DJ equipment and as time went by, I stepped away from the scene and sold my equipment.  Not too long after, I was invited to a Graduation party with family and a DJ cancelled on my relatives on the day of so my family freaked out trying to find a last minute DJ, to no success.  I had my laptop with plenty of music and between friends and family, we put together a sound system to make the party happen.  Needless to say, everyone had a blast, the music never stopped and the dance floor was packed all night.  From that party, I was booked for several other events coming up so I decided to buy new equipment and the rest is history.

As I retook my DJ journey, I grew to host Weddings, Private Organization events as well as Corporate and City events.  I proudly serve Southern California and have DJ'd in Northern California as well as Mexicali and Ensenada on several occasions.

I always make sure to provide excellent customer service, arrive early to make sure I start on time and always play edited music acceptable by everyone, ensuring a fun, clean atmosphere.

I want to Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.  It is because of clients like you that this is possible!

Meet the Team

I am proud to own Southern California DJ Company and pride myself in working with one of the greatest Make-Up Artist, Nelly.

Luis Azarcoya

Founder & CEO

DJ (Luis) in the middle with this Beautiful couple as the Wedding ended in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Nelly Azarcoya

Master Make-Up Artist & Instructor

Nelly doing Make-Up at an event in Catalina Island.

Next Steps...

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